Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Adrienne Bailon Nude

Apparently Disney's 'Cheetah Girl' has lived up to her boyfriend's (Robert Kardashian) family name and leaked nude pictures of herself on the 'net.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Sorry about the lack of posts - and the fact that most of them are pictures. As you can imagine, with a lil' baby around it's VERY difficult to find the time to blog. It's especially difficult to find the time to do sexy things and then blog about them.

I think I'd been talking about Laurent and the first time my Hubby succeeded in sharing me with another man - and that was a pretty exciting and sexy time. More happened than just what I wrote. I mean, on that Friday night, I got naked and on my hands and knees and gave Laurent a long and sloppy blowjob... Then Hubby took me upstairs and fucked me roughly... Then the next morning I had unprotected sex with Laurent and let him cum inside me and...

That was what I was going to write...

Yep, it looked like Hubby had a fetish he hadn't exactly been open about. I'd never really thought much about the fact that he sometimes dove down between my legs and ate me out after he'd cum inside me... I thought that was his way of being attentive.

But when I've got some other man's cum inside me, it seemed really gross and wrong and just a little bit gay, to be honest.

Anyway. More on that later. Let me tell you about the rest of the weekend.

Well, on Saturday, Laurent got up, had a shower and headed off to London. He ended up meeting a friend there and staying the night, so I didn't get to see him again until he came back on Sunday evening.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Sorry - too busy to write. Here's an arse shot instead!

Not bad considering Hubby was using a cheap camera...

Friday, 8 August 2008

Big unsexy Mummy Panties

Going Bareback

I've had several emails since my last post - all triggered by the fact that I didn't use a condom when I fucked Laurent and I let him come inside of me.

They were basically split into two camps - first off, the ones from angry readers saying: 'I don't think your blog is real. If it was you would have used a condom when you fucked a virtual stranger.'

Secondly, there were the ones saying: 'I can't believe how irresponsible you are! Don't you know how dangerous unprotected sex can be! You're setting a terrible example!'

So before I continue with my story, I thought I better clarify.

Yes, this blog IS real. And NO, I didn't use a condom when I fucked Laurent.

There are various reasons for this. First off, I was six months pregnant at the time and since birth control has never agreed with me, it's fucking WONDERFUL to have totally free, wild and spontaneous unprotected sex whenever you want. (Also, I have to admit, I was half asleep that morning and it didn't even occur to me to ask Laurent to put a rubber on.)

Secondly, horny Hubby gets so fucking hard at the thought of another guy coming inside me that he'd have been disappointed if I made Laurent wear a condom - and I KNOW that's the lamest excuse you've ever heard (one email said: 'Doesn't your husband care about your sexual health at all?' But the fact is, it turned him on and that turned me on and did I mention I was half asleep when it happened?)

Thirdly, Laurent wasn't exactly a virtual stranger. Hubby had worked with him for weeks and while he didn't come with a certificate of non-AIDSness, I knew from Hubby that he had a single steady girlfriend and didn't fuck about. Girls get shagged senseless in nightclubs every weekend without johnnies and not all of them have their coochies shrivel up with syphilis. So at the end of the day, I'll just have to say I took a calculated risk (and since I've had every blood test known to man since baby was born, I can confidently say it was a good call.)

YES - I know, I know. It's not smart to have sex outside of your marriage without using protection. It's dumb and I was stupid and it was a spur of the moment decision that could have been a disaster.

But it wasn't. So thanks for the emails. Now stop sending them, pls!

And forthly? Maybe I AM just a bit of a whore. I made the concious decision to have sex with Laurent without a condom and at the end of the day, it's difficult to justify that

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The First Adventure Part Four

The next morning, Hubby shook me away when we heard the sound of Laurent’s alarm clock buzzing.

“Go in there,” Hubby ordered me, “and take care of him.”

I grumbled and snuggled into the covers – until Hubby’s bare foot flattened against my bum and he pushed me out of the bed – bonk – onto the floor.

Naked, wearing only the collar, he led me into the landing and we pushed open the door to the spare room.

Laurent was lying in bed, a little bleary eyes. He smiled as he saw us.

Hubby gave me a smack on my bottom.

“Go on, then…”

Still feeling sleepy rather than sexy, I crossed the room and slipped under the covers.

Laurent was totally naked. His arms encircled me and I pressed my chilly body against his delicious warmth.

He was skinny, but had a nice body. Well defined chest. Hairy, but not too hairy. And a big, hard erection.

I didn’t waste any time that morning. I was already wet. I just slung one leg over his hips and straddled him.

My hand found his dick. I fumbled with it, aiming his throbbing head at the damp lips of my pussy. Then I hit the right spot and sunk down, down, down onto his rigid flesh.

My cunt swallowed him up, until he was buried deep inside me.

Laurent groaned. His hips bucked, thrusting himself deeper into me.

“Sssh,” I pressed a finger against his lips. Then, with him lying still beneath me, I started grinding my hips in a circular motion. Round and round, grinding my clit against his bony hips.

Laurent’s breath was ragged. His big hands each grabbed one of my big boobs and squeezed – hard enough to make me gasp.

I rode him, bucking my hips, grinding against him, working my body expertly and feeling the surprising rush of an oncoming orgasm. It had taken seconds.

“Uuuuuh,” I came, shuddering.

Laurent was gasping now – and despite my instructions to lie still, his bony hips were thrusting into me. The bed springs squeaked. My spasming pussy stretched to accommodate his throbbing dick.

“Oui… Oui…” He squeezed my breasts hard enough to leave marks – and thrust upwards, deep inside me.

His hips were still. I felt the bulge and throb of his cock inside my pussy. Warmth and wetness.

He’d just come in me.

Exhausted, but satisfied, I flopped down in the bed, pressing my sweaty body against his. We were both gasping for breath.

Giving me a chaste kiss on the cheek, Laurent rolled me aside. His flaccid cock slid out of me, followed by a dribble of sperm.

Totally unashamed, he walked naked past my husband, who was standing similarly naked in the doorway, watching the performance. Hubby’s big, hard cock was in his hand and he was stroking it.

A moment later Laurent was in the shower, his singing muffled by the sound of the running water.

Hubby threw back the covers and dived on top of me.

It was weird, embracing in the spare bed. It was hot with the Frenchman’s warmth and smelt like him. It felt… wrong.

But I liked it.

What felt just as wrong was Hubby, rolling onto his side so his hips were in my face and his head was disappearing between my thighs.

Sixty nine?

I looked at his straining erection, bobbing in front of my face. Then I felt his wide, rasping tongue between my legs.

I groaned.

“No, no,” I moaned. “No, that’s not right…”

He was licking me – slurping on my freshly-fucked cunt.

His tongue swirled around my clit. I shuddered, flopping back onto the bed covers.

Despite the fact that my pussy was filled with another man’s cum, Hubby was feasting on it.

As he coaxed me towards another orgasm, I reluctantly surrendered and engulfed his own hardness with my mouth.

Niether of us took long.

Hubby’s well practiced tongue had my pussy shivering and shuddering and I came… Meanwhile, his aroused cock soon spurted into my mouth, encouraged by an enthusiastic finger up his rear.

Recovering, Hubby clambered rightways up and spooned behind me, hugging me with a loving intimacy I could hardly have expected, considering I’d just fucked another man in front of him.

Slightly incredulous, I rolled onto my back and peered up at his kindly grey eyes.

Post orgasm, the lusty beast had gone. Here was my Hubby, not my master.

I kissed me. “I love you, Little Kitty.”

“I love you too,” I told him, realizing that I could taste Laurent’s sperm on his lips.